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Breakthrough Thinking

When I was writing this book, I wanted to help myself better understand the importance of the mind, which is a gift from God. It's like our office that executes decisions. What we do with it determines our future in relation to the divine mind of Christ and everyday situations - how we respond to it and acquire emotional intelligence. I have come to the conclusion that a mind is like a chess game. How you use your mind will determine how you win in this life. This book will reset your mind to the path of greatness and allow you to experience the power of God through your mind.

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The Game of Decisions

When I was writing this book, I needed answers about overcoming daily challenges in making the right choices. The Game of Decisions unfolds the secrets of how you can score more successes in life. The precious Holy Spirit will guard and guide you in your daily walk from making mistakes. He will provide miracle interventions, and you will experience favor with God and man by following His voice. Through this book, guidelines and wisdom are provided to those in leadership who hold positions of power and influence. I want to help all individuals that desire to reach excellence in their lives, and also face critical decisions that affect them and their associates.

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Speak to the Wind

God has provided hope through every storm and in every wind of life. There is nothing to fear when we partner with our powerful Creator in every challenge of life. As Maker of heaven and earth, He did it with the breath of His life. He created with His words, "...let there be..." (Genesis 1) - and the tangible realm was born. This very invisible energy and power permeate all life in both the natural and supernatural.

A New Dimension of Glory

In Dr. Gershom Sikaala's extraordinary book, " A New Dimension of Glory" you will catch a glimpse of the glory that will seed into your spirit a burning desire to have nothing less than God Himself. The Greek word for "glory" is the word DOXA meaning "all that God is and has."  This book will give you a fresh vision for your life and deliver you from being trapped in the "Matrix" of this "false reality" Jesus called "the World."

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You Shall Live

This book is a dream come true.  Since high school I wanted to write a book that would point out the reality of His power, and what happens to a life that is surrendered to God at a young age.  My grandmother told me that I once died from malaria sickness, but then I was resurrected.  

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